Mural - 1981

Probate Court

When the remodeling was completed at the probate court area, a blank wall stood begging for "something". That perfect something was provided by Mark Allison, a 1981 graduate of Bryan High School. At the request of Judge Harry Rigdon, Mr. Allison envisioned a mural depicting the early days of the courthouse area. Researching the idea, he finally came up with a picture of the courtyard and old bandstand in a scrapbook belonging to Grant Brown. Using the photograph as his inspiration, he started with a sketch, adding life forms to the landscape photo. He then did an oil painting to one-third scale and finally went to work on the courthouse wall, painting after school hours. The mural is 5 1/2 ft. by 10ft. Below is a picture of Mr. Allison adding the final touches.