The Vendor's License is used for sales tax. A copy of the license is forwarded to the Ohio Department of Taxation. The vendor pays to the State the amount of sales tax due based on gross taxable sales. The State then forwards to the County its share of the permissive sales tax, if any. A portion of the sales tax is also included in the Local Government Fund, which is shared by the County, townships, and municipalities. The Tax Commissioner uses the information to cross reference the sales tax and income tax returns. Some of the information contained on the application for the license is confidential under Federal law and cannot be disclosed to the public.

There are two types of vendor licenses, "Regular" and "Transient". The "regular" one may be obtained at the County Auditor's office. The "transient" license is issued by the State of Ohio. Applications may be obtained at the County Auditor's office or on-line at Ohio Business Gateway. This web site is also where you will set up your account to pay in the sales tax collected.  If you have any questions call 1-888-405-4089 (then option 1, 1, 9 to get to an attendant). If you have questions about setting up a business visit Ohio Small Business Development Services Agency, or Ohio Small Business Development Center - (419-782-6270). To register a business name go to the Ohio Secretary of State web site.

A "regular" vendor's license is issued to vendors with a fixed place of business and is only good for one location. The application fee is $25. Click here for an Application, or on-line at Ohio Business Gateway

The "Transient" vendors license may be used to make sales in all Ohio Counties. This license is issued to vendors who transport a stock of goods to a temporary exhibit (county fairs, festivals, craft shows) in a county where they have no fixed place of business. The license will remain in effect until your business is dissolved, there is a change of ownership or the Tax Commissioner revokes the license. The fee for the Transient Vendors License is $25.00. An application for a "Transient" vendors license may be obtained from the County Auditor's office to be mailed to the State. Click here for an  Application, or on line at Ohio Business Gateway

Vendor's licenses are not transferable. A new license is required if you change your name, incorporate, or add a partner. If you change your trade name or d.b.a. you must update the information with the State (form ST 3C), or change location within the county (form ST3-TL- must be approved by the State) a new license is NOT required. Partnerships must obtain a federal ID number before applying for a vendor's license.

A vendor's license is canceled by completing last day of business on the final return.

The sales tax rate in Williams County is 7.25% effective September 1, 2013.