As chief Fiscal Officer, the County Auditor is responsible for all financial transactions and accounting of every County Board, Department, Office, Agency, and District. The Auditor is responsible for payment of all County debts and obligations, processing over 14,000 warrants annually. The Auditor is responsible for estimating annual revenues for the County's annual budget, and ensuring that appropriations for expenditures do not exceed these estimated revenues.

The auditor is responsible for distribution of tax dollars to Williams County itself, as well as its twelve (12) Townships, one (1) City, eight  (8) Villages, eight (8) School Districts, one (1) Park Board, two (2) Cemetery Districts, two (2) Library Systems, and other County Agencies.

As Chief Payroll Officer, the Auditor is responsible for preparation and distribution of payroll for all county employees. The Auditor is required to deposit taxes and file all payroll tax reports on a timely basis including: Workers Compensation, Ohio Unemployment, Federal Income, State Income, City Income, PERS, and School District Income Tax. The payroll department must also maintain the confidentially of all payroll information.