Williams County
Probate/Juvenile Court

Steven R. Bird, Judge
Probate/Juvenile Court
One Courthouse Square
2nd Floor
Bryan, OH  43506
Phone: 419-636-1548
Fax: 419-636-5405

Karen Gallagher,
Juvenile Court
One Courthouse Square
2nd Floor
Bryan, OH  43506
Phone: 419-636-1548
Fax: 419-636-5405

Courthouse hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.







Email:     Probate Court: probate@wmsco.org
                Juvenile Court: juvcourt@wmsco.org
                Juvenile Probation: juvprobation@wmsco.org

Staff email addresses:

     Probate Court Administrator:
          Holly A Schlosser: hschlosser@wmsco.org
     Deputy Clerks:
          Probate: Deanna Deanne Batterson: dbatterson@wmsco.org
          Juvenile: Cynthia J. Schultz: cschultz@wmsco.org

     Juvenile Court Administrator:
          Jerry Stollings: jstollings@wmsco.org
    Probation Officers:
          Deborah L. Hurni-Willis: dwillis@wmsco.org
          John Karacson, PO: jkaracson@wmsco.org
          Michael Polley, PO: mpolley@wmsco.org
          Alan L. Dietrich, Bailiff: adietrich@wmsco.org
    Diversion Counselor/Attendance Officer
          Lori Price-Hull: lprice-hull@wmsco.org
    Family Intervention Court Coordinator
          Amanda Beck: abeck@wmsco.org
    Deputy Clerks/Secretary:
          Holly L. Doseck: hdoseck@wmsco.org
          Camilla Miller: cmiller@wmsco.org
          Karissa Jaggers: kjaggers@wmsco.org


Estates: When someone dies owning property, it is necessary for the Court to appoint someone to handle the payment of their debts and the distribution of their assets, either according to their will or in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.  The Probate Judge supervises the work of the executor or administrator, by making sure all debts are paid and the heirs receive what they are entitled to.

Guardianships: A guardian is someone appointed by the probate court to be legally responsible for someone and/or their property.  Reasons for needing a guardianship could be because a person is incompetent or a minor (under the age of 18).
     A guardian of a person is appointed to protect and have physical custody of a ward and to provide for the ward's daily needs such as food, shelter, and medical care.
    A guardian of an estate is appointed to manage the property and financial assets of the ward for the ward's best interest such as paying bills and making investments.  The probate court requires an account be filed every other year in order to keep track of the ward's funds.

Trusts: Generally created through an estate by the decedent's will where either all or a portion of the assets are placed in a trust which then directs how the money is spent.  Accountings of these funds are also required by the Probate Court every other year.

Birth Registrations and Corrections: For people who have never had their birth recorded or if their birth was inaccurately recorded, the probate court has the power, upon application, to require recordings and corrections of birth certificates.

Marriage License: Only the Probate Court can issue marriage licenses.  In order to be married in the State of Ohio, you must have a license.  Both parties must be 18 years old to be married without parental consent.  Marriage licenses are obtained in the county where one of the parties resides and then they can be married anywhere in the State of Ohio. Each Court has their own requirements for obtaining marriage licenses so it is necessary to call the Probate Court in the county where you intend on getting the license to find out what is required.

Adoptions: All adoptions must be approved by the Probate Court before they become final.  Investigations are required and fingerprints must be submitted for criminal records check of petitioners.

Name Change: Parental consent is required for individuals under 18 years old.  A valid reason is required whenever changing a name. You cannot get rid of criminal records or debts by changing your name.

Adult Protective Services: Department of Job and Family Services become involved when they are informed that an adult over age 60 is not taking proper care of himself or herself.  It is the court's responsibility to determine what is in that person's best interest. Sometimes they need to be admitted to the hospital or put in a nursing home because they are not or are not able to take care of their own needs.

Mental Commitments: The Court prepares the necessary paperwork to have someone taken to the local hospital to have them evaluated.  The mental health agency involved does an assessment to determine whether or not the individual needs mental health treatment.  





Estates, Guardianships & Trusts - The Probate Office has all open and pending files. All closed record prior to 2001 are stored at the Williams County Records Center:

            Williams County Records Center 
            107 W. Butler St.
            Bryan, OH  43506
            Phone: 419 636-8253


Birth Registrations and Corrections  


Name Changes


Marriage Licenses



Adult Protective Services


Mental Commitments






Marriage License Requirements

Hours: 8:30 until 4:00 Monday-Friday
Cost of Marriage License is $40 CASH or Visa/Mastercard
(Convenience fee of $2.50 charged for Credit Card use)
Certified copes are $7.00 in person and $7.50 by mail-No Personal check accepted


Ohio Residents: at least one applicant must reside in Williams County and have proof of residency. (Proof can be valid driversí license, rent receipt or other proof as requested by Court) Photo identification is required for both applicants.  (Driverís license, passport, photo ID) Birth certificates are not required, but can be helpful as we ask you information from your birth certificate, i.e. parentsí full names, where you were born, etc.


NO Blood Tests are required in the State of Ohio.  


Both parties must be over the age of 18 to apply.  Applicants under 18 must have parental consent and meet additional requirements as required by state law.  Prior to applying for a license applicants should contact the court to review requirements.  A female age 16/17 may apply for a license, but must have parental consent, and provide proof that marriage counseling by a counselor approved by the Court.  The clerk of the Probate Court has the form the counselor must complete and applicant must file with the court. The Judge makes the final decision about granting a license to underage applicants.


Previously married applicants must present their Final Decree of Divorce or Dissolution, Judgment Entry or Order granting their most recent divorce or dissolution and must disclose the number of all prior marriages regardless of how they ended.  This paperwork must contain the Case Number, date the divorce/dissolution was granted and name of parties.  If the divorce occurred in Williams County, you may obtain the information from the Clerk of Courtís office on the 3rd Floor of the Courthouse.  If the previous marriage ended in the death of a spouse, bring the death certificate.  The first name and age of minor children (under 18) from all previous marriages is required.


The license is good the day it is issued and for sixty (60) days from that date.  Williams County residents can use the license anywhere in the State of Ohio. An Ohio license may not be used in any other state.  Out of State residents who intend to be married in Ohio, must use the license in the Ohio county where the license is issued.  Applicants getting married in other states must obtain a license in the state in which they are to be married.  Call that state first to find out their requirements.


This Court does not perform marriages or make arrangements for weddings.


Officials must be registered with the Ohio Secretary of State before they can perform weddings.  Applicants can go to the Ohio Secretary of Stateís web site and check to verify that the official is registered before they perform your marriage ceremony.   The Ohio Secretary of State web site is:   http://www.sos.state.oh.us/SOS/recordsIndexes/MinisterLicense.aspx

http://www.co.williams.oh.us/PROBATE_Juvenile/myweb/images/BD15060_.GIF The Court checks this registry when the certificates are returned to the Court to verify that the Official is properly registered.  If the official is not registered with the Secretary of State, the license is void.

It is a violation of R.C. 2921.13(A)(12) to knowingly make false statements upon an application for 
marriage license.  This violation carries a penalty of imprisonment for not more than six (6) months
and/or a fine not to exceed more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00).



Juvenile Court  



Parentage Actions: To establish parent/child relationships, establish child support, and establish visitation rights.

Custody: The Juvenile Court is responsible for determining custody in paternity cases or in domestic relations cases assigned by the General Division of Common Pleas Court after a divorce has been finalized.  We currently have a Magistrate who hears most of the paternity and custody cases in Williams County.

Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency of Children: Complaints are filed by the Department of Job and Family Services when they feel children are not being properly cared for.  The Judge determines what is in the child's best interest.  The Judge can order that children be placed in foster homes, placed with a more appropriated relative, or order protective supervision of the child.

Adult Contributing: When an adult is charged with helping a juvenile commit an unruly or delinquent act.

Juvenile Unruly: A person under the age of 18 who is ungovernable, truant from school, or violates curfew. 

Juvenile Delinquent: A person under the age of 18 who commits a crime. The Juvenile Court is responsible for determining the disposition of the juvenile's case.

Juvenile Traffic: A driver under the age of 18 who commits a traffic violation.















      Moving Violation


      Non-Moving Violation


      Seat Belt/Driver


      Seat Belt/Passenger


Neglected, Dependent, Abused


Parentage, Support, Custody

varies case to case

Supervision Fee (for every six months on probation) $150