Passport Application Requirements:
  • Application must be filled out either in black ink or typed. Application must be signed at the Clerk of Courts office.
  • Two pictures, 2" x 2" in size, taken within the last six months (must be regulation passport photos).
  • Certified copy of birth certificate with raised seal. Certificates may be obtained from the health department in the county where you were born. Expired passports or naturalization papers are acceptable.
  • Drivers license or photo identification are required. If you are a minor and drive, a parent must accompany you when applying with his or her drivers license.
  • Personal check or money order payable to U.S. Department of State for:
(effective Jan 17 2016)
New Passport
New Execution
New Fee
Adults First Time Passport Book
Age 16 and Over, DS-11
$110 $25 $135
Adults Renewal Passport Book
Applying with DS-82
$110 $0 $110
Minors Passport Book
Age 15 and Under, DS-11
$80 $25 $105
Adults First Time Passport Card
Age 16 and Over, DS-11
$30 $25 $55
Adults Passport Card Renewal
Age 16 and Over 
$30 $0 $30
Minors Passport Card
Age 15 and Under, DS-11
$15 $25 $40

Paid to the Department of State

File Search Fee $150
Expedite Processing $60
Overnight Delivery Return Fee
(Passport Book Only)
cash, check, money order, to Clerk of Courts.